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Open up your imagination to a

love story taking place on the

gritty streets of One of Texas

most crime infested and busiest

cities Dallas. Forced to step into

manhood at the early age of

15, Ceasar forges a bond with

Diamond and learns a new meaning

to trust and friendship.


Ceasar's life takes a turn when

he realizes that living in a house

left to him by his mother and uncle would

prove to be harder than he thought .

Lights off , no money , and barely

any food Ceasar is faced with a

real life situation, until he remembers

the instruction of his late Uncle.


Surprised he Retrieves the small

fortune from the attic that would

later change he and Diamonds life

forever . Drugs , money , and a future .

What does a young kid suppose

to do with cold hard cash and cocaine? 


Journey with this young writer

as he leads you through the 

unforeseen dangers of the game.

See how one must survive in a

life full of traps, jails , women ,

and greed.


Who do you trust when even

the plug is unloyal. Ceasar and

Diamond must beat the odds

against turf wars, betrayal , court

dates and jail sentences ...


Black Ceasar

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